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Use the form below to apply for membership and our Vplus team will be in touch to confirm the status of your application.

Please nominate your nearest Villa Market store so that we can send your card to that store for collection.

If you have already received your Vplus card (eg. from Honestbee) then please let us know the card number in the form below.

Honestbee customers who have received the flyer with the special code please enter the code in the area marked honestbee code so that we can give you your bonus points.

As always, if you have any questions then please email us.

VPlus/The Benefits, Terms and Condition of VPlus

  1. This card can be used as VPlus Rewards Points’ accumulation card and used to collect reward points when spending at any branch of Villa Market.
  2. Please present this VPlus Card when making payment.
  3. Each reward point is presented to the cardholder for every 20 Baht spent at Villa Market (minimum purchase of 100 baht per bill).
  4. Any more points earned from current spending will be calculated on the date of purchase and activated within the next two days.
  5. Note that some items are excluded from earning Vplus points including alcoholic beverages and promotional items.
  6. Member can redeem VPlus Rewards Points with a value corresponding to a discount of Bht 100 for each 500 VPlus Rewards Points.
  7. Used reward points will automatically be deducted from your point balance.
  8. Vplus Card cannot be used in conjunction with other discount cards.
  9. Any termination of card membership will also result in a disclaimer of points accumulated.
  10. In case of a card loss, a fee of 50 Baht per card applies for issuing a new card.
  11. Please contact Customer Service Counter at any branch of Villa Marker to make a new card.
  12. Accumulated reward point in the lost card will be shown the day after a new card is issued.


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