In 1974, the only places to buy groceries in Bangkok were open air markets or fresh markets or one of the few air-conditioned stores. There was no grocery store specializing in imported products for the community until Villa Market opened it’s first store located on Sukhumvit road just after soi 33 – the store still operates today!

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Villa Market is a unique entity, a family-owned business that is still progressively growing up while most of the other stores had been closed due to competition from big box stores. Villa Market has been successful due to maintaining high standards of local and imported products. Villa Market offers not only selection of world’s best products but is also a leader in organic fruits and vegetables, premium quality meats, seafood and exclusive items as well. Villa Market desires to be best neighborhood supermarket where customers are enjoy tasting new foods, sharing ideas, learning new experiences of new food knowledge and community environment.

As Thailand’s Original International Supermarket, Villa Market looks forward to providing its customer with the high standard of quality products and services that the community deserves

The Villa Market Promise

We will always strive to provide our customers with the freshest possible produce along with products not available anywhere else. If there’s a product you want and we don’t have then please let us know by sending an email to

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